Your creations were so amazing in July, we had a really hard time picking a winner, so we selected two.
Congratulations to Wendy Outram and Lexington Austria for the magnificent artworks they created.
A huge thank you to everyone else who participated in the July challenge.

Here we are, starting another month, and with it comes a new Challenge.

We will announce the July winner later on today, but in the meantime we would like to let you know about the August Challenge that starts today.

For August, we would like to see your creativity at work, using unconventional colors. What do we mean by that? For example, a phoenix is associated with reds, oranges and yellows (the color of the flames). A flamingo is associated with pink. And the list goes on. These are just examples, but for the challenge you can use any Zuri mold. We would like to see how you imagine any of the Zuri creatures using a color scheme other than that usually associated with them.

The winner of the August challenge will be announced on August 31st and will be able to pick a mold of their choice as their prize.

Please send your entries to, and post them in Design with Zuri as well.

JULY CHALLENGE (now ended)
Let us begin by congratulating Penny Jayne, the winner of our June Challenge. She created a stunning totem using multiple Zuri molds. We are impressed. Equally, we thank all the other participants for their exquisite creations. Here is Penny’s totem.
For our July Challenge, we would like to see 2 color creations, one of them being black. For example: black and gold, black and white, black and silver. You can use any Zuri molds you wish as the centerpiece. Please remember to submit your entries by email sent to Three entries per person are permitted. We can’t wait to see what you make 🙂
JUNE CHALLENGE (now ended)
If you are visiting this page, chances are that you already own, or are about to own at least one of our molds. Aren’t they gorgeous? We are absolutely, irreversibly, head-over-heels in love with them, and we hope you are too. Therefore, as a thank you for sharing our passion, we invite you to take part in our very first monthly challenge for your chance to win a prize and be featured on our blog and on our social media channels.
You are invited to submit, throughout the month of June, up to three mixed media creations made according to the following requirements:
Pick the Zuri molds of your choice, select one of them to be the centerpiece of your creation, and borrow partial elements from other Zuri molds to create the additional decorum around the centerpiece. To give you a hint: the swan, the flamingo, they both have floral bodies, and those beautiful flowers can be used by themselves in any creative way you can think of. This is just an example that you may not necessarily want to use. So, look at our molds and see: what portions could fare well on their own or in an unexpected combination with something else? Maybe the flowers we mentioned earlier? What about the phoenix’s tail, or the mermaid’s hair? And so on. For more inspiration, please watch the amazing Kathryn Sturrock demonstrating our molds on Hochanda TV using clever techniques in her magical crafting. Click HERE to view that show. You can also join Kathryn’s group called Kathryn’s Bleak into Unique Transformations by clicking HERE.
How you color your challenge creation is up to you. Make it fit the decorum, make it explode with provocative colors, tame it down to monochrome, whatever you want to play with.
Clear pictures of your creations can be sent to us by email at, with the subject line: June Challenge.
All crafters who take up the challenge are eligible, regardless of their location in the world. Yes, we will send you your prize to the North Pole if that’s where you live.

All entries will be carefully looked at at the end of June, and a winner will be chosen based on originality and ability to incorporate the challenge’s rules in his or her creation. The winner gets to pick a mold of their choice as their prize, and will be invited to be a guest on our July blog.

Remember to also share your creations with our fellow crafters in our Facebook group Design with Zuri . We will also continue posting updates on our Facebook page @designwithzuri, so please do not forget to hit the Like button when you get there.

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