Using release agents

When you use your molds with certain mediums, you may at times find it difficult to remove the finished product from the mold. That is particularly true for polymer clay if you attempt to remove the clay without curing it in the oven, or for air-dry clay if it you don’t wait for it to harden before removal. To make things easier, use water, cornstarch, Armor-All or petroleum jelly before filling the mold with clay. Using a wet wipe to apply the water is more efficient than spray water on the mold. Apply the cornstarch with a makeup brush and shake away the excess before adding clay. Petroleum jelly is very effective when used in a very thin layer. You can always use baby oil instead, applied with a wipe or a brush.

Nonstick cooking spray, available in most any grocery store, works as a suitable resin mold release agent. It’s nontoxic and won’t harm the resin or the mold. Once you remove the resin creation from the mold, wipe the cooking spray off the resin and the mold using a rag.