We are dreamers. We are enthusiasts.
Above all, we are seriously passionate about what we create.

Our Team


Founder and CEO of the company, Sophie thinks that everything is possible, and that the impossible only takes a little longer. She juggles between a day job, crafting, cooking amazing meals and nurturing the family’s home zoo (mostly comprised of reptiles). When she has any time left, she cooks up plans about how to turn dreams into reality... then there she goes, poof! And Zuri, Inc, is born. Witchcraft!


Partner and Vice President of Zuri Designs Inc, Paula is the show-stopper. She is a four time recipient of the coveted Insighter's Leadership Development award presented to the top 100 Outstanding Executive Leaders in the United States. She graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Communications Degree and attended Stanford Sloan Executive Business Program. As you can see, she is beautiful AND super smart. Some say this is a lethal combination. It may well be, but hey, we are on the right side of the fence.


Co-founder and COO of the company, Mike spent most of his life at the top of the software engineering world. Yes, he is that smart. He is also a very, very lucky man. After all, he is Sophie’s husband (wink, wink). Also, the author of a dog training book, an RC car enthusiast (okay, that’s an understatement), a snake whisperer, a 3rd DAN black belt in Taekwondo and former State of Florida Taekwondo Champion. What a catch!


Designer extraordinaire, and the Director of our Design Department, Rohit is not an ordinary person, although he likes to say that there’s nothing special about him. That, ladies, is the sign of a humble man, a rare commodity nowadays. Don't put your hopes up, though, as he is not single. He also has a Husky pup, a little terror called Shadow. In all seriousness, Rohit will be a constant part of your life too, as his designs will forever touch your heart and soul. Get ready for what's to come.