Cookie Policy, LLC, the company that manages the website and all its properties utilizes cookies to enhance our user’s online experience. Nearly every website on the Internet today utilizes cookies. Below, we explain what cookies are, what types uses, and how to disable these and other third-party cookies. If you have questions or concerns,



A cookie is small text file of letters and numbers generated by websites you visit that stores information, sometimes known as session data, as you navigate the site. This information can be used to improve your browsing experience. cookies are safe for your computer. The cookies store only information that is used by your browser. The cookies cannot and do not execute computer code and cannot and do not access your computer’s content. These cookies help ensure the website functions properly and do not contain viruses or other harmful software known as malware. Cookies improve user experiences by storing preferences, such as language preferences, and by storing information about content the user has previously viewed. We use information gathered by cookies to help us detect and fix problems and errors with the website, and otherwise enhance your web-browsing experience.



We may use cookies and an IP tracking code to collect data for statistical purposes, including: the date of your first visit, how many visits, the date of your most recent visit, the URL or domain you visited or came from, browser, screen resolution, and other device information that helps us understand your browsing experience.

Cookies do not tell us any personally identifiable information other than your IP address, though they may store personal data that you provide to us when you complete our online forms and we may use that data to enhance your experience. For example, these cookies assist in keeping you logged into the site between sessions. You may voluntarily de-activate and/or eliminate cookies by following your Internet browser’s instructions, though by doing so you will have a different, less-enhanced browsing experience on our website.

We may partner with third-parties, including ad networks, to display ads at or manage our ads on other sites. Our ad network partners, such as Google and Facebook, use cookies and other technology to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activities on our site and other sites to show you targeted advertising based on your interests. We may partner with third-party data providers to match IP addresses with company names and contact names. Our data partners may use cookies and other technology for the purpose of matching IP addresses.



Yes. You can block, eliminate, or allow cookies in your browser settings. Be aware some services will be blocked when certain cookies are not allowed to operate fully.

The following resources explain how to deactivate or block cookies in some of the most common web browsers: