Friends of the Zuri family – Mari Joy Coleman

At Zuri Designs Inc, we believe that all customers are very much like family to us. So today we decided to give a shout out to Mari Joy Coleman. Why did we pick her, you will ask? Mari Joy made history, twice. Once, by purchasing the very first Zuri mold pack, the bee/dragonfly set. The second time, by being the first to ever pre-order on our website. Thank you, Mari Joy!

But there are more things about Mari Joy that we admire. She is a single mom of 3 boys, two of which still live at home. Mari Joy is home-schooling the youngest of them. Yet, she still finds time to craft, and to run her own business. She makes and sells silk screens and 3D-printed cutters. We had a look at website and we thought they were amazing. Hats off to you, Mari Joy! You are a mighty fighter, with an insane ability to juggle between a single mom life and managing a business that you built from scratch.

You too, our dear readers, should take a look at Mari Joy’s website, called O’Joy Creations. We can tell you right now, you will fall in love with her products. So, what are you waiting for? To visit her website, click HERE!

So let us show you what Mari Joy created with our Zuri molds. The image below not only displays our beautiful bee and dragonfly, but it also gives you a peek into the amazing world of Mari Joy’s silk screens. We thank you once again, Mari Joy!