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Meet Our Design Team

Introducing our very talented Design Team.

We would like to say big THANK YOU to all of you out there for supporting us, playing along with our challenges, having a go at the mood boards and

leaving enthusiastic comments, following us on social media, watching our videos or live streams, you guys absolutely rock!!!

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Facebook Design with Zuri Group

Please give huge welcome to the Zuri Design Team 2021!



I am a full time mixed media artist for over 10 years, I love creating bright, bold and funky creations as well as dark and mysterious and, rusty and grungy creations. I create anything from Art Journal pages, ATCs, altered items, to canvases and art tags.

I started as an acrylic painter and realized paint was just not enough for me, I started mixing different mediums and items into my paint and projects until one day someone asked me if I was a mixed media artist and it just made sense.

I paint murals, teach classes, travel for art shows and conventions. I love to do it all!

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Nicole Palos

Hi, Nicole here! I’m a married stay at home momma of 5! I started my art journey as a young child. I always had a passion for crafts or art in some form. drawing, painting, floral arrangements, wreath making,ceramics, Just creating! I have painted murals on my bedroom walls. then I learned scrapbooking at 16! anytime I seen something I liked, I taught myself how to do it. I started working with resin,and designing phone cases. then I found Mixed media! That is where I was meant to be! I could take all the things I learned throughout the years and apply it! altering objects is one of my favorites! then Journaling!

sometimes I create layouts and sometimes cards! I love that I can take any art medium and use it where ever I want! No rules! when I’m not creating I love to be outside with family!

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Nicole’s favourite molds are…

Mermaid Whispers

Lover of Darkness



Lee-Anne Hill

Hiya I’m Lee-Anne and I am representing the UK Zuri Design team! I’m married and have an adult son who lives away from home. I’ve been crafting all my life, from crochet, cardmaking, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, etc. etc. and then during start of COVID pandemic I eventually I found mixed media which led me to Zuri moulds and I was hooked! I love not being restricted the way fine art is and exploring the possibilities of what can be made with the moulds, like an assemblage piece or a decorative box or using the mould itself to create something. My style is somewhat eclectic but I lean towards natural colours and I adore nature!

You can find her creations live on The Craft Store and in our Facebook Group Design with Zuri. 

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Lee-Anne’s favourite molds are:

Fire Breather




Courtney Hime

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney and I am a wife and proud mother of two wild boys! I also have two fur babies, an Aussie mix, and a Great Dane! My family and I currently live in Ohio, so naturally I am a born and raised Ohio state buckeye fan! My favorite stress reliever is creating, and I like to ground myself by walking in nature! Crafting is something I use to escape, and it gives my heart so much joy to share my creations with others! I believe that art speaks when words fail… 🔥

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Courtney’s favorite molds are: –

Ornate Gate 

The Alpha

Fairyland Mushrooms



Chaitali Dekhtawala

Hi! I am Chaitali and I am part of the US Zuri Design Team. I am a self-taught Mixed-Media Artist from Buffalo, NY. Started as a hobby 3 years back…today it’s a passion! I love creating layouts, home decor pieces, altering and redesigning. I adore mixed media art and love creating with flowers, chipboards and molds. I simply adore the designs and intricacy of Zuri molds. I am so impressed by the quality of their products and feel it’s a delight to work with them.. I always try to creatively experiment with them and showcase how versatile they really are! They are good for any type of projects and enhance the beauty of the decor. Looking forward to this great journey with Zuri!

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Chaitali’s favourites molds are…

White Fangs 

Rising Phoenix

Guest Designers!


Jessica Larios

My name is Jess, also known as Matter of Crafts. I’m a versatile mixed media artist, proud mom, and wife. I scrapbook, make canvases, cards, and even alter furniture and home decor pieces. I pride myself in be able to up-cycle whenever possible. I love working with flowers, layering papers, working with mold castings, and creating lots of my own different and interesting textures. I have a unique love and taste for the strange, creepy, and gory arts too.

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Jess’ favourite molds are…

Lil Bit of Everything

Letters and Monograms Set

Olga Heldwein

Hey I’m Olga! I’m mixed media Artist and designer. I’m Polish and living in Germany with my small family. I’m crazy about the darker side of crafts. My style would be dark fantasy, grunge with additional swing to shabby chic. I am super proud and extremely happy to have the privilege of working with Zuri products, as I love their quality and unique designs ❤

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Olga’s favourite molds are…

Ouija Board with Planchette

Aces of Darkness

We hope that you agree, these creative souls are an excellent choice and we are sure they will rock their Team position this term!