Angel Policy

We recognize that many crafters want to sell their artworks, with many relying on their sales to support their livelihood. With that in mind, we have offered you from day one the opportunity to use our products to create art pieces that you can sell. Our Angel Policy stipulates that castings must be part of a finished artwork. Examples of artworks that can be sold are: mixed media projects, jewelry, greeting cards, etc. Castings of our molds cannot be sold on their own under any circumstances. Neither can they be provided to customers as part of a kit, unless they are being used and transformed into a finished piece as described above during a workshop under the supervision of the workshop host. Artists, crafters and workshop hosts that provide castings as part of kits have an obligation to inform their customers of our Angel Policy and to make genuine efforts to insure that our products are not used in violation of our Angel Policy. Offenders will have their Zuri Designs account cancelled and will be subject to copyright infringement actions. Likewise, we do not allow reproductions of our molds, be that for personal or commercial purposes.

As you certainly know, the process of designing and manufacturing our products is a very costly exercise, and we rely on your loyalty to the brand and compliance with our Angel Policy to maintain the viability of our business. If you come across violations of our Angel Policy on social media or otherwise, please be kind and let us know via Facebook messaging or by email to We will always protect your privacy and will never share information about you to anyone outside our organization. We thank you in advance for your assistance.