Ornate Elephant


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14cm x 11.4cm x 0.8cm
5.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.3″

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Elephants are amazing, highly intelligent animals with complex emotions, feelings, compassion and self-awareness. They are one of very few species to recognize themselves in a mirror. Here are some fun facts that most of us didn’t know: An elephant’s trunk weighs 400 pounds, but it can pick up things as small as a single grain of rice. They are afraid of bees. They are born blind and weigh up to 260 pounds at birth. They “hug” their trunks to say hello to each other. Their lashes grow to be up to 5 inches long. They’re the only mammals that can’t jump — even when they’re running, elephants always have at least one foot on the ground. And if you think that these facts alone were enough to amaze you, check out our new mold, an ode to these majestic animals that shows our love for them.

This mold can be used with clay or resin, as well as with food decoration mediums such as chocolate or fondant. When using resin with this mold, we recommend that you apply a release agent first, for example a thin layer of cooking oil spray. When using polymer or air-dry clay with this mold, we recommend that you apply a fine layer of cornstarch, talcum powder or water on the mold before filling it with clay.

This mold is part of the Majestic Animals collection. Don’t forget to check out all related products.

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