Machine Power with Jess Larios

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Zuri blog. Today I have something on a much larger scale to share. A 16×20 inch canvas to be exact. I don’t typically create pieces quite this large, but I quite liked it. I’m always looking for a challenge plus I wanted to use the Machines mould so I decided to go BIG. I am always amazed at the level of detail on each and every one of these moulds. Using the creamy Zuri waxes allows those details to stand out even more! I hope you are inspired to use the mould and we look forward to seeing your creations.
1. Begin by making your background
*Hint: I used rice papers
2. Once the papers dry, put down a little bit of crackle paste randomly
*Hint: I used a copper-colored crackle
3. Seeing those crackles makes my eyeballs so happy! It’s setting the theme up just right for these beautiful castings.
4. Alter your castings using black gesso and waxes
5. Dry brush on some bright yellow acrylic paint to the castings
6. Once the crackle is dry, splatter some black paint and distress the edges of the canvas using black acrylic paint
7. After the black frame is dry, dry brush on some of that bright yellow along the edges
*Hint: This gives it a frame and, in my opinion, provides an overall finished and complete look
8. Lay down your castings and MDF pieces
9. For finishing touches, add various waxes to make them stand alone
**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy*
**I hope you enjoyed your time here today!**