Casting clear resins – things to know

Achieving optically clear parts using resin is not impossible. But as anyone with experience will tell you it’s not a slam dunk either, especially if the cast possesses complex detail. Today’s materials and methods allow manufacturers and model-makers alike to attain water-clear parts without excessive rejects. It just takes the right combination of process and resins.

Vacuum degassing and pressure casting are perhaps the most popular if not the most efficient methods employed to create clear, void-free and bubble-free castings. But not everyone is familiar with those methods, and most crafters do not own the required equipment, which could run in the hundreds of dollars or more.

Heating resin and vibrating the mold is another method of choice for casting clear resins. This procedure helps relieve surface tension and allows air bubbles to more easily escape while filling the mold. Ultimately, heating/vibrating can yield better results, but it is not fail-safe.

Our molds are highly suitable for resin, because of their self-releasing properties and flexibility. Regardless, we recommend that you use a suitable release agent to prolong the life of your Zuri mold.

Always use a good quality resin and keep in mind that less expensive clear resins tend to bubble more and yellow over time.